eBay HelpBot

Work Project. Live now in the UK for hundreds of thousands of users, the HelpBot is a product backed by a machine learning-based natural language understanding engine to take care of issues on the member’s behalf. For instance, users can submit returns, get refunds, or have disputes with sellers adjudicated without even having to leave the page.

eBay Document Upload Tool

Work Project. Led the build for the redesigned document uploader tool for eBay customer service requests. Rolled out to all eBay sites.


Personal Project. Based on the tutorial by Siraj Raval with quite a few modifications. This convolutional neural network model is trained on the MNIST dataset using the Keras API and TensorFlow as a backend. The application itself is deployed on Google App Engine, using Flask and Gunicorn to serve. Hosted on Heroku.


Personal Project. I built this python web app to simply differentiate two lists and output a CSV containing only new entries. Hosted on Heroku.

Music Visualizer

Personal Project. Forked from Mat Preziotte's Party Mode. This version is a work in progress. I intend to change the interface, add more visualizations and also integrate the application with Spotify (one of the ideas that Mat notes on Party Mode's github page).