Hello there! I am a product manager at eBay in the beautiful Bay Area, where I make software with super talented designers and engineers. I have a master's degree in Information Systems from the University of Utah. I crave travel and I enjoy documenting what I experience, like here.

Latest Articles

Good dev process, bad dev process

A couple thoughts on process weight.

My Deep Work Experiment: Dabbling in Praxis

Newport got in my head. I haven’t been able to stop pondering all the small interruptions that cause me to repeatedly switch my mental context while I’m trying to focus.

McCrary Ridge to Twin Redwoods, Big Basin

A rich mix of mountains, forest and ocean.

Me Around the Web

A Bit More About Me

I love building things.

I'm pretty good with Python, Node, Angular, Unix, SQL and database theory, and I'm versed in machine learning concepts.

I try to make really good use of my free time.

I'm a huge fan of beer-brewing, hiking, backpacking, skiing, rock-climbing and most anything outdoors. I also love to write, read, and talk philosophy/politics.

I like to write.

Check out my blog here for my thoughts on travel, tech, music, and politics.