I build software products at States Title.

Hello there! I'm now part of the team at States Title, a new disruptor in the title insurance space based in San Francisco. Previous to this, I built various products at eBay. I have a master's degree in Information Systems. I hack a lot on the side. I travel. I enjoy writing about tech, product management, productivity, and places I go. Feel free to reach out and say hi!

Latest Product

eBay HelpBot

Live now in the UK for hundreds of thousands of users, the HelpBot is a product backed by a machine learning-based natural language understanding engine to take care of issues on the member’s behalf. For instance, users can submit returns, get refunds, or have disputes with sellers adjudicated without even having to leave the page.

Latest Articles

Interview tactics to find worthwhile customer problems

The call to arms for entrepreneurs and product managers is to find a problem worth solving and do something about it. But how specifically do you come up with a good problem?

My highest leverage productivity tactics

I’m a sponge for any wisdom that purports to improve my state of being in the world: My day-to-day quality of mind, the amount of creative work I produce, my physical wellbeing. Over the past months, I churned through a number of books that each prescribe certain tactics for getting more out of your time during each day. After delving into this literature, I noticed certain overlapping ideas and patterns emerge, and put them into practice.

A two-step recipe for Travel Magic

Like witnessing the Northern Lights, Travel Magic is probabilistic. You’re not guaranteed to experience it. So, Nic and I devised two main principles, based on personal experience, to maximize the chances.

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