Hello there! I am a product manager at eBay in the beautiful Bay Area, where I make software with super talented designers and engineers. I have a master's degree in Information Systems from the University of Utah. I crave travel and I enjoy documenting what I experience, like here.

Latest Product

Live now in the UK for hundreds of thousands of users, the HelpBot is a product backed by a machine learning-based natural language understanding engine to take care of issues on the member’s behalf. For instance, users can submit returns, get refunds, or have disputes with sellers adjudicated without even having to leave the page.

Latest Articles

Good dev process, bad dev process

A couple thoughts on process weight.

My Deep Work Experiment: Dabbling in Praxis

Newport got in my head. I haven’t been able to stop pondering all the small interruptions that cause me to repeatedly switch my mental context while I’m trying to focus.

Scenes from Scandinavia

A jaunt through Denmark, Sweden, and Norway

Me Around the Web

A Bit More About Me

I love building things.

I'm pretty good with Python, Node, Angular, Unix, SQL and database theory, and I'm versed in machine learning concepts.

I try to make really good use of my free time.

I'm a huge fan of beer-brewing, hiking, backpacking, skiing, rock-climbing and most anything outdoors. I also love to write, read, and talk philosophy/politics.

I like to write.

Check out my blog here for my thoughts on travel, tech, music, and politics.

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