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May/June links

Interesting stuff from May and June, 2024
May/June links
Readying for takeoff on the Kahiltna Glacier

It's been a while since I sent an ol' link roundup. Taking a month off the grid in AK threw a wrench in my content calendar. But we're back now, if not a little groggy after the Fourth of July weekend.

From the past couple months

From me:

  • My writeup on Denali + gear recommendations and lessons learned [Link]
  • Full edit of the Denali climb [Link]
  • If that's too long, I made a bunch of Shorts on the climb here

On the goodness of dumb plans. "My toddler and I share the same aesthetics when it comes to our plans: A picture or two, not too many words, and those few words aren’t very long." [Link]

Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison’s post on fast build projects throughout history [Link]

This is still one of my favorite documentaries and I hope to make something of this caliber during my lifetime [Link]

Kayaking through a glacier in Svalbard. Really cool sound [Link]

Diving through a cumulus cloud [Link]

How to travel correctly. "Assign yourself highly personalized and esoteric errands." [Link]

How much can you really learn about a country by visiting it? [Link]

The moral economy of the Shire [Link]

Putin the fanatic [Link]

Life in the Ukrainian trenches [Link]

How to win a homebrew competition [Link]

How to communicate danger to a humanity 10,000 years into the future [Link]

The Crash at Crush. When a publicity stunt goes horribly wrong. [Link]

We have come far from the 1984 Dune special effects [Link]

Slapping as sport [Link]